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Update for Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

I have continued to update the indoor theater section but today I added a page on Dance Pavilions and Ballrooms. The first one featured is the Avalon Ballroom in Niles on Barron Lake. Over time I will add many more. I had covered these indirectly in the Amusement Park section but I feel it is important to feature these directly as many existed outside the confines of an amusement park.

Update for Friday, June 4th, 2021

I have been updating the site daily for the last several weeks, adding new information and photos. This has mostly been in the theater sections. It has been fun so I will keep that up. I have some road trips planned to gather even more content. I am obsessed with these small towns which had theaters back in the early 1900's. It is fun doing the detective work to figure out where they were and if the buildings still exist. Look for more of that and some other ideas for content I have coming up.

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(Ordered by most recent pictures first)

Drive-In Theatres:  Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre - Honor | Skyway Drive-In Theatre - Corunna | Douglas Drive-In Theatre - Douglas
Indoor Theatres:  Four Star Theatre - Grand Rapids | Temple Theatre - Morenci | Broadway Theatre - Mount Pleasant | Strand Theatre - Caro | Strand Theatre - Port Huron | Deluxe Theatre - Imlay City | Capac Theatre - Capac | Strand Theatre - North Branch | Thumb Theatre - Deckerville | Green Acres Cinema - Saginaw | Westown Theatre - Bay City | Empire Theatre - Bay City | State Theatre - Bay City | Hampton 6 - Essexville | Eastland Twin Theatres - Essexville | Clio Cinema - Clio | Gem Theatre - Clio | Towne Cinemas - Flushing | Cinema 10 - Flint | Court Street Theatre - Saginaw
Opera Houses:  City Opera House - Port Huron | Belding Opera House - Belding | Stair Auditorium - Morenci | Selkirk Opera House - South Haven | Fowler Opera House - Fowler
Amusement Parks:  No new pictures in last 15 days
Drag Strips:  No new pictures in last 15 days
Speedways:  Owosso Speedway - Ovid
Roadside Attractions  No new pictures in last 15 days
 Last 30 Locations Added
Blue Lantern Ballroom - Brighton
Wamplers Lake Pavilion - Brooklyn
Pine Creek Dance Hall - East Leroy
Johnson's Rustic Dance Palace - Prudenville
Green's Pavillion - Manitou Beach
Sandy Beach Inn - Waterford
Narrow Lake Ballroom - Springport
Riverside Pavilion - Battle Creek
Paradise Ballroom - Benton Harbor
Ramona Ballroom/Dance Pavilion at Sister Lakes - Dowagiac
Oxbow Lake Pavilion - White Lake Township
Crystal Palace Ballroom at Paw Paw Lake - Coloma
Avalon Ballroom at Barron Lake - Niles
Temple Theatre - Morenci
Turner Theatre - Turner
Lyric Theatre - Escanaba
City Opera House - Port Huron
New Theatre - Kalamazoo
Uno Theatre - Crystal Falls
Stair Auditorium - Morenci
Lyric Theatre - Traverse City
Idle Hour - Camden
Lyric Theatre - Laurium
Selkirk Opera House - South Haven
Star Theatre - Sparlingville
Royal Theater - Escanaba
Belding Opera House - Belding
May Theatre - Montrose
Toledo Beach - La Salle
Auditorium Theatre - Yale

 Last 30 Information Updates
Four Star Theatre - Grand Rapids
Millburg Fairgrounds - Millburg
Crescent Theater - Grand Haven
Fremont Theatre - Fremont
Dowagiac Theatre - Dowagiac
Chief Theatre - Dowagiac
Palace Theater - Petoskey
Temple Theatre - Sault Sainte Marie
Liberty Theater - Marlette
Milford Independent Cinema - Milford
EMagine Novi - Novi
MJR Westland Grand Digital Cinema 16 - Westland
Showcase Cinemas Flint East - Burton
Vaudette Theatre - Mount Pleasant
Temple Theatre - Howell
Tahqua-Land Theatre - Newberry
Callier Theatre - Belding
Pentwater Theatre - Pentwater
Roxy Theatre - St. Charles
Center Theatre - Marlette
Park Theatre - Montague
Pavillion Theatre - Saugatuck
Crystal Theatre - Beulah
Wakefield Theatre - Wakefield
Avon Theatre - Rochester
Armada Theatre - Armada
Tibbits Opera House - Coldwater
New Pontiac Speedway - Pontiac
Christiana Lake Speedway - Christiana Lake
Algonac Speedway - Algonac

 Featured Drive-In Theater
Skytop Drive-In
 Skytop Drive-In
 Featured Indoor Theater
Almont Theater
 Almont Theater
 Jackson Motor Speedway
Jackson Motor Speedway
 Jackson Motor Speedway
 Featured Amusement Park
Lake Lansing Amusement Park
 Lake Lansing Amusement Park
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