Sandy Beach Inn - Waterford MI 

Address: 3412 Dixie Hwy
City: Waterford
State: MI
Zip: 48328
County: Oakland
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General Information:

This place was more of a hotel with a banquet hall attached as opposed to a ballroom proper. I've had the ad for it on my dance hall/ballroom page for years so I figured why not elaborate on it a bit? It existed in the 1950's and beyond and it really did feature a sandy beach on Loon Lake based on the 1951 aerial photo. There is a photo on Flickr of some folks eating at the restaurant but I didn't want to steal it as it was more personal in nature. You can find it on there though.

One amusing reference I found was the place being listed as a "defaulter" in International Musician Magazine. I assume that means they failed to pay a band tab of $410 and was being reported as a warning to other acts. It is listed in the papers as being in Pontiac but I believe it was actually in Waterford Twp. It was also know as "Club Tahoe" for several years. Eventually, the place was demolished sometime in the 1980's which gave way to townhouses or condos of some kind. No trace of it or the sandy beach exists as of 2021. This was not the first or last time a cool place was replaced by something more mundane and crappy.

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Sandy Beach Inn - Sandy Beach Inn
Sandy Beach Inn
Sandy Beach Inn - 1951 Aerial Photo
1951 Aerial Photo
Sandy Beach Inn - June 2022 Now Condos
June 2022 Now Condos
Sandy Beach Inn - As Club Tahoe 07 Nov 1957
As Club Tahoe 07 Nov 1957
Sandy Beach Inn - International Musician Defaulter Page March 1951
International Musician Defaulter Page March 1951
Sandy Beach Inn - Old Flyer Or Ad
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