Tel-Ex Cinemas - Southfield MI

Address: 25267 Telegraph Rd
City: Southfield
State: MI
Zip: 48033
County: Oakland
Open: 1971
Capacity: 1042
Owner History: Cinemark Theatres
Theater Type: Shopping Center - Early Multiplex
Number of visits to this page: 6403

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General Information:

AKA Cinemark Cinema 4

This 4 screen theatre was one of the early multi-plexes to spring up in the suburbs in the 70s. The auditoriums were quite small and pretty much looked like a basement with carpeting. The only advantage was it was within walking distance of the many nearby neighborhoods, including mine. The theatre changed hands a few times and finally died around the time the enormous Southfield 20 opened up nearby. I used to walk over there with my friends and sneak in. Most of the kids that worked at the theater were from my neighborhood and they turned a blind eye to us as we snuck past the box office! The tiny mall area where the box office was has been converted to a Secretary of State and the auditorium area is now a Golds Gym.

Info Updates:
5/14/2005 - Moviegirl
By the time I was a child in the 80s, this was a dollar house. I dont recall it ever being anything but! Mom never took us to first-run movies, in fact she rarely took us to movies at all. But if we absolutely HAD to see something (still ... six months after it came out ...) this was the place.
Tel-Ex Cinemas - From 1976 Southfield High Yearbook
From 1976 Southfield High Yearbook
Tel-Ex Cinemas - May 8 2022 Photo Of Outside
May 8 2022 Photo Of Outside
Tel-Ex Cinemas - May 8 2022 Photo Of Interior Hallway
May 8 2022 Photo Of Interior Hallway
Tel-Ex Cinemas - Recent Shot
Recent Shot
Tel-Ex Cinemas - 1974 Ad
1974 Ad
Tel-Ex Cinemas - Ad From June 3 1974
Ad From June 3 1974
Tel-Ex Cinemas - Help Needed Aug 24 1990
Help Needed Aug 24 1990
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