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I don't have an email address as I am on a limited income at 70.

but I remember vividly the Wonderland Amusement Park. Each summer my Papa would give me $1.00 for a roll of .10 cent tickets.

My first and last ride would always be the hand crank cars on the track. I also rode the merry-go-round, the boats that went in a circle on water, and of course I would not leave without going over to grab a Pick-A-Duck for a prize. Oh to be little again... PJ.
I also worked at the Plaza Cinema as an usher.

$1.25/hour. Bob Hoffman was the Manager. I started in April 1973, High Plains Drifter, and ended my tenure in 1976, Robin and Marion.

My favorite film was "The Exorcist". We had a few people get sick during that showing. Fortunately, they got up to the lobby before they vomited so it was Not my job to clean up. Watching the audience during the projectile vomiting scene was a thrill.

I enhanced their experience with a concealed squirt gun.
NMD prepares for 25th Annual Mopars Against the World Contact: Brian Ledford 231.

218.26577/27/2022FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEKaleva-Here they come. In terms of event excitement and turnout, this quarter-century aged event is Northern Michigan Dragway's Super Bowl or Daytona 500. This weekend, hundreds of racers and thousands of fans from across the midwest and Canada will descend upon NMD for the 25th Annual Mopars Against the World.

Top prizes of $10,000 to win and $6,000 to win will be up-for-grabs Saturday evening. The event pits Chrysler-affiliated Mopar racers in head-to-head match-ups against other racing makes, with a tally score kept of each matchup. Last season, the Mopar faithful enjoyed an overall winning score of 203-172. Over $50,000 prize money is scheduled for payouts throughout the 3-day weekend.

Race fans are in for an added bonus, as the Luigi Novelli Racing National Machine Repair Hope-Over-Heroin Top Fuel Dragster from Chicago will be making a pair of exhibition runs on Saturday evening. Driver Mike Bucher of Cleveland, is a recent NHRA divisional champion in Top Alcohol Dragster. On a recent social media comment, he said "I can't wait to go down that (NMD) track and shake the ground." He is planning on speaking to the crowd during Friday and Saturday's races, along with signing autographs on picture cards while mixing it up with the fans.

Bucher had a lifelong dream of becoming a Top Fuel Dragster driver. In 2008, his father, Jim Bucher, was inducted into the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame. Jim Bucher's finest hour would later prove to be his final as he rose as high as the No. 1 position in the NHRA Top Fuel ranks at mid-season 1975 but later forfeited the ranking when he was weakened with cancer.

One of his top achievements was qualifying #1 at the US Nationals in Indianapolis, over 2 tenths ahead of the #2 qualifier.“Dad made a big impact in such a short amount of time,” explained Mike Bucher, who's been a pastor for 30 years at Cleveland's Calvary Chapel. “He reached a lot of people and was an example. Once he passed away, God filled the role of being a father.

It’s hard to say but dad always wanted more for me than racing.” Bucher debuted earlier this season at the NHRA Summit Equipment Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio. The team is using this exhibition showing as a vital test session as they get prepared for their next showing later this season in St Louis at the NHRA Midwest Nationals. Another Top Fuel driver, Owosso's Ricky Bruce, is debuting a Nostalgia Top Fuel front-engine dragster for a pair of runs.

Bruce is also a second-generation top fuel racer, as his father Rob Bruce campaigned several Funny Car "Zombie Racing" entries over the past couple decades.This weekend's event begins Thursday with Street Trophy and Junior classes in competition, along with time trials for other classes. All classes will be in competition Friday, starting with time trials at 11am and eliminations beginning at 2 pm, along with a pair of Top Doorslammer qualifying rounds scheduled in the evening. Saturday's time trials also begin at 11 am, eliminations again at 2 pm.

Top Doorslammer and Top Fuel rounds are scheduled to take place later in the afternoon and evening hours. The full weekend schedule can be found online at NorthernMichiganDragway.com and further details on NMD social media pages. The dragway is located 3 miles north of Kaleva at 13991 Potter Rd.

NMD Bowtie Challenge Results Contact: Brian Ledford 231.

218.26576/29/2022FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEKaleva-Northern Michigan Dragway's 12th Annual Bowtie Challenge provided outstanding entertainment for racing fans. The Chevrolet faithful rejoiced as the Bowtie racers took a convincing 254-225 win tally over their competition. Tim Heiges of Traverse City was clearly the one to beat in Top Doorslammer.

He had personal-best short time efforts, with 60 foot times of .962 and .959 seconds, but tire shake on each pass kept him from entering the 3-second zone he had predicted. In qualifying Friday evening, he took the #1 position with an elapsed time of 4.

18 seconds while running 172 miles per hour with his '63 Corvette. His closest competition lagged over a half-second behind him. After winning his first two rounds, Heiges suffered major engine damage with a broken crankshaft. His opponent in the final round, Eric Johnson of Onekama, was able to take a solo pass to win the $2,500 final round with his Chevy S-10.

The top money-winning honor went to a new racer to NMD. Steve Kull of Romulus drove his '64 Chevelle Malibu Wagon to the $7,500 victory in Bracket II Saturday night. His opponent, Jason Kieffer of St. Johns settled for a runner-up finish in his bid for a second big-money win at NMD.

Kieffer won $10,000 at the 2017 Mopars Against the World with his '84 Cutlass.Bill Fluette of Interlochen pocketed $3,000 for capturing the Bracket I victory with his '86 Monte Carlo. East Jordan racer Patrick Boris, still a high-school competitor, finished runner-up with a dragster.Other racers topped the $2,000 pay chart.

David Evans of Benzonia snagged the Friday night victory with his '72 Monte Carlo in Bracket II, while Thomas Whitaker of Muskegon grabbed the $2K paycheck in Friday Bracket I with his '68 Camaro, moving into first place in the Authentic 231 Racing Series points standings for Bracket I. NMD has its third of six Statewide Towing & WTCM sponsored Street Nights events this Saturday. Time trials are slated to begin at 5 pm. Five classes will be in competition along with Test 'n Tune.

Chicks on Slicks, Street Legal Money, and Dublin General Store Rider Class will each pay $500 to win. More info can be found online at NorthernMichiganDragway.com, or by calling (231)218-2657. NMD is located 3 miles north of Kaleva at 13991 Potter Rd.

12th Annual Bowtie Challenge Weekend results are as follows:Thursday June 23rdStreet TrophyWin: Coleman Hansen, Crystal, Chevy ImpalaR-up: Dan Marcinkowski, Kaleva, Harley-Davidson Fat BoySemi: Gary Bowman, Sr., Prescott, Dodge DartMini JuniorsWin: Ann Cerka, Free SoilR-up: Nathaniel Cebula, Bear LakeSemis: Ryder Girven, Bear LakeAdvanced JuniorsWin: Isaac Mikus, Bear LakeR-up: Hunter Cesaro, East JordanSemi: Leah Helsel, MantonFriday June 24thBracket I Win: Tom Whitaker, Muskegon, Chevy CamaroR-up: Bud Roof, East Jordan, DragsterSemi: Dale Mardlin, Kaleva, Ford FalconBracket IIWin: David Evans, Benzonia, Chevy Monte Carlo R-up: Bill Fluette, Interlochen, Chevy Monte CarloSemis: Rich Majchrzak, Filer City, Ford Mustang and Bob Vandewater, Cadillac, Dodge ChallengerPro TrophyWin: Gary Bowman, Jr., East Tawas, 442 OldsR-up: Angela Mardlin, Kaleva, Chevy NovaSemi: Jason Pomeroy, Manistee, Chevy Monte CarloStreet TrophyWin: Eddie Manning, Onekama, Ford MustangR-up: Allie Decker, Kingsley, Ford ThunderbirdSemi: Darci Simpson, Free Soil, Chevy S-10 and Ron Carpenter, Mancelona, Chevy C-10Advanced JuniorWin: Isaac Mikus, Bear LakeR-up: Leah Helsel, MantonSemi: Coleman Hansen, CrystalMini Junior Win: Ann Cerka, Free SoilR-up: Ryder Girven, Bear LakeSemi: Ty Thompson, GrawnSaturday June 25thTop DoorslammerWin: Eric Johnson, Onekama, Chevy S-10R-up: Tim Heiges, Traverse City, Chevy CorvetteSemis: Ron Brow, Belmont and Bill Heiges, Beulah#1 Qualifier: Tim Heiges, Traverse City, '63 Corvette 4.18 seconds elapsed time, 172 miles-per-hour.

Bracket IWin: Bill Fluette, Interlochen, Chevy Monte CarloR-up: Patrick Boris, East Jordan, DragsterSemi: Bud Roof, East Jordan, Dragster and Corey Mikus, Bear Lake, Chevy CamaroBracket IIWin: Steve Kull, Romulus, Chevy Malibu WagonR-up: Jason Kieffer, St. Johns, Olds CutlassSemi: Joel Young, Clifford, Chevy CamaroPro TrophyWin: Mark Smith, Kaleva, Chevy S-10R-up: Dustin Cesaro, Kalkaska, Chevy S-10Semi: Steve Kirbach, Thompsonville, Chevy S-10attached photo (INSZN Media): George McConnell of North Branch helped secure another Bowtie victory with his Chevy Malibu. A third-round finish Saturday evening placed him in the top 40 of 107 entries in Pro Trophy. Brian & Rebecca LedfordNorthernMichiganDragway.

comTrack Manager & Promotions(231)218-2657 (231)429-4411.
My father William Linington, was a relief projectionist and worked occasionally at the Capitol Theatre in Utica.

One night in 1947 or 8 I accompanied him to work, watched the first show then went to sleep downstairs in one of the seats. This was something I did now and again at various theaters, I was 10 or 11, when the show was over he would wake me and we would drive home. We lived just outside of Mount Clemens. This evening he forgot and I had accompanied him and he and the manager shut off all the lights closed the theater and proceeded to go home.

About halfway home my father remembered about me, contacted the manager and they both returned turn on the lights and found me. My father woke me and we proceeded home. It was only later that II was told what really happened that night. Since that time I have wondered how I would’ve reacted had I woke up in the pitch black theater.

occasionally at the Capitol theater in Eureka.
I am trying to find out who current owners are, and how to contact them. I see you were just there in 2022, and I was hoping someone may be interested in chatting about the place. [From the webmaster: I think the city might know who the owners are. The place has been closed for a few years and doesn't appear to be listed for sale]
So glad someone put these pages together for Showcase Pontiac 1-5 and 6-12.

Was wondering what happened to these theaters after moving out of the area. I spent many a summer night at these theaters throughout the 1980s. Saw all the hits there. Star Wars episodes 5 and 6, Star Trek 2 and 3, all the Indiana Jones movies. Also some pretty obscure ones like Treasure of the Four Crowns. Amazing that the blue carpeting in the 6-12 photos was still there to the end.

. I remember that from way back. Thank you for posting this.


Northern Michigan Dragway is back in action this weekend.

There will be racing both Friday and Saturday evening.

Friday evening is the second event of the season for the WTCM-Statewide Towing Street Nights, with time trials starting at 5pm. Five racing classes will be in competition, starting at approximately 7:30pm, with Chicks on Slicks, High School, and Street Trophy in competition for all vehicles. Also, fans will have an added bonus of the Dublin General Store Rider Class for motorcycles and snowmobile riders.

Saturday's event will be the fifth of sixteen Authentic 231 Racing Series events. There'll be an added cash bonus for several classes, in memory of Rob Vande Water, thanks to Vande Water Racing. Classes featured will be Brackets I & II, Pro Trophy, Street Trophy, Advanced Juniors and Mini Juniors. Time Trials will begin at 2pm and eliminations scheduled to begin at 4pm.

The full race schedule and points standings can be found online at NorthernMichiganDragway.com, or by calling (231)218-2657. NMD is located 3 miles north of Kaleva at 13991 Potter Rd.

Attached photo: Four-time Bracket I points champion, Eric Johnson, recently re-set a track record for trucks, with an elapsed time of 4.

87 seconds at 145.68 miles-per-hour. The Onekama racer is currently 23rd in the points standings after missing the first three events.


The Woodland Drive-In Church, however, is still going and since the 90s when 29th Street was extended into the former drive-in property, moved to its current location on 2600 Breton Road, SE.
I have a program from there from 1964, l believe. Elvis Fun in Acapulco is on it as well as a James Bond movie.
I remember always wanting to go there when the amusement park was open but every time we went by, we were headed to Dixie Speedway and by the time l got old enough to drive, it was closed.
Is now Kilwin's Chocolate Kitchen and candy factory.
Heads up! Milan Dragway is under new ownership, track improvements are underway, and they're a week from their grand opening. check out https://www.milandragway.com/ or the Milan Dragway Facebook page!
Sophia headline in 1965 and 66, so did Dolly and Deena, they drew the crowd.
Lee Brayton who raced sometimes raced at Manchester, but race mostly at Butler recently passed away at 88.
From the Silver Lake Improvement Association:"The land was originally part of a homestead grant, secured by the Brakel family.

The Brakels still farm some of the land and live on some of its parcels on and around Brakel Point. In the 1920’s, Oliver Fasbaugh, from Canton, Ohio struck a deal with the Brakels for the property that would become the Fashbaugh Resort. After purchasing the empty parcel, Oliver went about the task of securing two contracts for rental cabins. He then returned to the property to build the cabins, just in time for the arrival of the tenants.

Oliver then built the hotel, which was a boarding facility that also housed his family. He then added two more cabins. Many people came for the entire summer, especially single professional men who stayed in the hotel. Of course, this was during the era of Prohibition and Oliver was a keen businessman.

He built a copper whiskey still and supplied some of the area’s most prominent people with rye whiskey. His wife had the recipe and Oliver was the bootlegger. The whiskey still remained in the residence until the Fashbaughs soldit to the Egelus, so Don Fashbaugh, the grandson of Oliver, donated it to the Buckley Old Engine Show, and it has been displayed there.In the 1930’s, Oliver built a dance hall, named Fashbaugh’s Pavilion.

The building was 75 feet square, with a maple dance floor that measured 50 feet by 50 feet. Considering that it was built in the midst of the Great Depression, it was a risky business venture, but one that paid off nicely. There was a sizable demand for a speakeasy that also provided music and dancing. People drove great distances to be part of the action.

The dance hall was used into the 1950’s with its latter years holding fund raiser dances for the Grawn Sportsmen Club. After that, it was used as storage, with this author’s boat, among others, wintering there. The dance hall was torn down in the 1980’s.In the late 1940’s, Oliver left his wife and family.

He also left his hotel/residence, with three rental rooms, one large community bath and a large parlor. He left his still, his dance hall, his four rental cabins. His son Art took over the property and helped his mother continue to run the resort. They added a boat livery in the 1950’s.

Art married Matilda and they operated the resort into the 1980’s. Then his son Don built a home on the propertyand helped his mother, who continued to rent the cottages into her late eighties. Don’s son Dave and his family currently live on a parcel that was once part of the resort. Dave’s children make five generations of Fashbaughs that have occupied land along the shores of Silver Lake" - Information from Don FashbaughIt appears as though the land that the pavillion would have sat on is at (44.

67879387992895, -85.67475314022019).
For many years, I’d driven past the Sundance Kid en route to Cedar Point.

In 2019, I made a trip to find ET was one of the final films of the season. I regretted not leaving the park early and making it home earlier to catch it. The next summer, during the pandemic, I caught wind the theater was showing only old flicks. I said it was certainly worth my trip when I found the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was one of those shows.

So I packed up the car in July for a trip to Ohio. i really liked the places. It was dark, uncrowded and very throw back. I got their good which was great.

The show was enjoyable and i felt satisfied I went. I was going to return when I saw Halloween 4 and then…A Christmas Story & Scrooged were playing. But, things kind of got hectic and I couldn’t get back.I hoped to make another trip this year, however it’s looking like the Sundance might have gone dark.

They apparently wanted to sell the land, not the theater, and after announcing the show would go on for one more year….it seems Paramount Theaters has scrubbed any future show times from the website. Odd because they made an announcement the theater would open in April. Even held a hiring event.

But, since March, it’s been off line,My hope is the Sundance comes back with new ownership or a new land contract of sorts. It was such an institution on my way to Sandusky (going back to 1993 when I recall Cliffhanger showing) I’d hate to see the old girl standing abandoned at the edge of the road. Especially since I knew how special the experience was. But, if she’s gone….

.I am thankful I have that one memory of my visit. It was a dark drive. Took hours to get home.

But, I wouldn’t trade it for any thing! .
The Chief Theatre opened on July 6, 1946 showing "The Spiral Staircase". It closed on October 6, 1953 and was showing: "The Man From the Alamo" and "The Bandit of Sherwood Forest".
The Century Theatre closed on February 24, 1958. The last movies showing there were"April Love" with Pat Boone and "Apache Warrior".
March 1970 Issue - David Hoff of Saginaw has been named manager of the city's newest theatre, the Trans-Lux Inflight Cine, at Shields Plaza. This is said to be one of the two fully-automated houses to be built by the partner organizations.
My father took me to hot rod races and, I think, demolition derbies at Motor City Speedway in 1958 and 1959.

After the races, they would let people go to the area where the race cars were parked to see them close up. I remember feeling how hot the tires still were after the races. I was really sad when it was torn down after 1959; I loved that place. My parents told me it was torn down because nearby people complained about the noise.

I lived almost a mile away, and I could hear the race cars.
My great aunt was Bernice Pike Stahl, second wife of Harry Stahl.

My mother has memories of visiting from Illinois and riding rides until they got sick.lol.they used to go behind the scenes and help their aunt collect the coins.I also have seen a picture of my great aunt encased in ice, will have to look through our albums to try and find it.
I've been attempting to get pics of Bill Salveta's Screamin Dago 66 Mustang.

I've attempted internet searches under his name and that of the car. Can anyone point me in another direction to get a pic? Better yet, I'd love to see pics of many of the local cars in the 65-66 years at Motor City of Detroit Dragway. Anyone have pics to share? Chuck Marlin248 -894-4727chuck.com .
Been to Danny Boy's a few times.

It was a good theater, and different from the usual drive-in. They even had their own signature ice cream dish that was usually served during Intermission. I was there its last year of operation, and can confirm the water issues they had. They had portajohns placed by the concessions stand.

I had reached out to the owners about the issues not too long ago and they said the water wells are always drained for the farms growing corn to be used to make ethanol every summer.
My dad raced here in the 60 and 50s. Never meet him, but his last name is Lane.
So, I’m really hoping someone here can help me.

I know the speedway has been closed for quite a while. I’m looking specifically for the board that posted all the track records and names. I know it’s a shot in the dark, but I don’t know where to start. I’d even be happy with a good picture of the board.

Help! ??.
Bernard and Leonard were like fathers to me.

I worked at all 5 Theatres that they owned. Did many of the jobs when someone was off or the Managers were on vacation. I even got to schedule and book films and make the line up and projection booth duty. (Look at write-up under Harmony Theatre aka Admiral on Mack & St Jean/Beniteau.

) Worked for them from 1959 to 1966 when I was drafted in the Army. Brooks Brothers I finally found they are buried in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
Reading some of the comments this one got my attention.

James Ellul raced a 1940 Ford in 1970 at MCD. A very good friend of mine bought a 40 Ford in the early to mid seventies. This car was parked at the back of Mt. Clemens Drive-In.

We towed the car to my house. He still owns the car to this day, Feb. 2022. I think this is the same car. If it is let me know. I also raced at MCD 1973-1977. 1966 Nova & 1965 Chevelle.

PS James Ellul post is near the top of this page.
My father Jerry Landon won a feature indoors with his NAMRA Mini Champ.
Location found at 43.28616306602655, -83.5335071838627. Not sure how to submit an aerial view of the location
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